Amazing Benefits Of A Vehicle Service Contract

Do you hate it when your car or one of its parts suddenly breaks down on you? Also, do you hate the sudden and unexpected costs that they can bring? If you want to avoid these costly and unexpected repairs, then you should definitely buy a vehicle service contract. Never heard of it and its benefits? Then please keep on reading and find out!


What is a vehicle service contract?

Basically, a vehicle service contract is an additional warranty that you can purchase to protect yourself against costly and unexpected repairs to your car. However, before buying a vehicle service contract, remember that each contract has different levels of coverage. Also, remember that any coverage for repair will depend on the terms and conditions of the vehicle service contract that you have.


What is covered in a vehicle service contract?

As mentioned, every vehicle service contract has different levels of coverage. However, one common thing among all vehicle service contracts is that they do cover automotive repairs. Also, they cover the costs that are associated with vehicle repair like labor, sales tax and parts needed. However, take note that there are some contracts that will not cover repairs due to wear and tear from accidents. Also, remember that if your coverage could stop if you do not make the payments on time. It could also stop if you do not do the basic maintenance that the contract usually requires.


Benefits Of Vehicle Service Contracts

Now that you know what a vehicle service contract is, and what it covers, here are some benefits that you can get if you avail of it.

  1. It will protect your investment. For a lot of people, one of their most valuable assets is their car. After all, it is actually very useful in day-to-day living. You can use it to drive your kids to school, or you can use it to drive yourself to work. Due to its importance, it is definitely comforting to know that your vehicle is covered should there be any damage to it. Knowing that you have repair coverage will definitely take a lot off of your mind. Also, knowing that you will not drown in very expensive car repair costs is definitely a benefit of vehicle service contracts.
  2. You can budget your money. A vehicle service contract allows you to pay over time. This means that you can budget your money among all of the other expenses that you might have. When you buy a vehicle service contract, you will be required to pay a fixed initial payment to start the coverage. However, the subsequent payment options can depend on your agreement with the dealership you bought the contract from.
  3. The value of your car increases. If you want to sell your car, having a vehicle service contract allows you to easily transfer the ownership of your car along with the contract. Also, if your car has a vehicle service contract, a buyer might become more interested to buy it. This is because a vehicle service contract can also bring some peace of mind to the prospective buyer.


These are just three benefits of having a vehicle service contract. So if you want to avoid costly and unexpected car repair costs, make sure to consider getting this now!

7 Best Honda modifications

When asking which automobile is the best for upgrading and modifying, most car enthusiasts will tell you straight off the bat that is must be Honda Civic. These car enthusiasts that enjoy street racing, or just like upgrading and modifying their cars, extremely enjoy Honda Civics because it offers such a large number of upgrades and modification that it’s hard to fathom about another car doing so. And because there’s such a large number of them, it was extremely hard for us just to pick seven of them, but we gave it a go.

HondaKeep in mind that these modifications and upgrades appear in no particular order, seeing how difficult it would be to arrange them from best to worst, when we know that they are all the best. So, let’s begin.

Air Intake System

These Air Intake Systems that offer a cold air flow are perfect for Hondas; because they let you bring up a beast in your Civic. Plus if you get a chance to combine them with a new exhaust pipe, you will be driving a genuine monster with the muscles of the best muscle cars out there.

Flood Mats and Liners

Now, many people don’t think that these thinks make any difference, but they’d be surprised. Besides making your Hondas look clean all the time, they’ll also protect your floors. Plus, they’ll make your feet feel extremely relaxed while chasing down the streets of your city.

Suspension Systems

When it comes to suspension systems, most car enthusiasts say that the lower the car is, the better it is. So, why not follow them by upgrading your currentHonda2 suspensions and upgrading them with these new ones that will make you feel as if you are flying?

Brakes and Brake Pads

If you’re drag racing, or you just enjoy high speeds, it is important to know when to stop. And that’s where the new brakes and brake pads come into play. Mount these new Honda Civic Brakes and Brake Pads, and you’ll feel safer in your car; and besides that, you’ll also be able to make those cool whiplashes every time you press the brake pad.

Exhaust and Mufflers

Get a new performance exhaust system, and your automobile will sound better, give you a boost while driving the car, and provide you with a sense of coolness. Also, they’ll make your car more powerful, and make you look savvy.


These deflectors will help you fight the weather and always come out on top in that fight. They will help you defeat the rain, even if you have the windows rolled Honda1down. If you put in the abovementioned deflectors, plus the rain and bug guards, your vehicle will look cooler, and will be much more efficient.


Get the better lights you need for racing through the night, or just driving into the unknown whenever you feel like it. Get the new high-power lights, and your automobile will be noticed in a crowd, or in a dark road, and you’ll feel much safer when driving when you know that you’ve got some serious light power by your side.

Honda Auto Repair – Brakes

Remember, your brakes will keep your family safe. Are brake parts and repairs for Hondas – expensive? Yes they are! Unlike domestics, brake rotors for import cars, are built with minimum thicknesses in order to save weight – that means they must be replaced and they can’t be “turned”.

Honda_Brakes12Also, brake rotors for imports are more perceptive to warping from heat, and overheated brakes are the 2nd most common reason of failure.

So, you could save money on Honda brake parts and repairs with these tips:

1. To Inspect Your Honda’s Brakes You should use Your Eyes and Ears :

At least every 6 months you should visually inspect your brakes’ condition. Some things to look for are:

Brake Rotors have to be checked all around the surface and on each side for any obvious defects or concentric scoring. You need to replace your rotors immediately if defects are found. Also, any rotor discoloration could be a sign of overheating, so an inspection by a Honda brake repair professional will be needed.

Brake Pads will usually match rotor scoring but it should be also inspected for breakage, bumpy wear, or cracking on the friction surface. You need to replace the Honda_Brakespads immediately if defects are found. Also, a lot of cars have brake protection sensors in order to warn of protection wear. And if your Honda uses sensors, you should replace these at the same time as your pads.

On a regular basis brake drums should be inspected. You should check for the identical types of defects as noted above

Brake Shoes should be worn consistently and have no pins sticking out to the friction surface.

2. Additional Troubleshooting: When you are inspecting brakes, you should check wheel cylinders, calipers, fittings and hoses for any hydraulic fluid leakage.

You should also inspect the reservoir, master cylinder and proportioning control device assemblies. Rebuild or replace as required.

You also need to look into a “soft” brake pedal or one that is gotten lower. That could be caused by worn pads, sticking calipers, hydraulic system problems or low fluid.

You certainly have hydraulic problems that will need some work if you can’t “pump them up”. If you always have to pump them up, your hydraulic fluid will need replacement.

In order to check brakes by sound, you should know how your brakes sound and you need to listen for out-of-the-ordinary noises.

A lot of cars have a small combing sound from the pads calmly touching the rotors. That is normal. You should be watch for:Honda_Brakes1

Squeaking. It can be caused by dirt or dust on the brakes, and loose pads vibrating when worn pads or when applied.

Rhythmic noise. That could mean that you have a twisted rotor. Rather than a solid squeaking noise, it pulsates. The brake pedal will also beat underfoot in extreme cases.

Constant brake noise. As you already know this is never a good sound and any grinding noise can be a real trouble!

Most importantly: Once any problem is noticed, you have to get it repaired straight away. It is extremely dangerous to delay brake repairs.