Prayer Quotes

We have 101 of the Best Prayer Quotes in the World!  They will inspire you and encourage you!  They will help you with Prayer.   They will give you the secrets and wisdom for Answered Prayers.  If you want answers to your prayers, study these prayer quotes.  They are very inspirational and encouraging!

These are the most Famous Prayer Quotes in the world!  Each Prayer Quote has  a picture to bless you.  ​These are LIFE CHANGING Prayer Quotes that will give you hope and encouragement.  We hope you are inspired and blessed. 

Prayer Quote - Start Your Day with Prayer and Praise!

Prayer Quote - I choose not to be a product of my circumstances.  I choose to be a product of Prayer! 

God is bigger than my circumstances!

Speak Victory! 

Prayer Quote - Whatever your goals and dreams are, you can do much more with God than without Him. 

Prayer Quote - God not only sees where you are, He sees where you can be.  Pray for wisdom.  

Prayer Quote - * There is nothing you can't overcome with Jesus on your side.

* Speak and Believe Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. - KJV

* Keep praying.  Keep believing! 

Prayer Quote - God's plans for your life are much bigger than your mistakes.  

Pray for wisdom and new direction. 


A TEST into a TESTimony!

A MESS into a MESSage!


A VICTIM into a Victor!

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Prayer Quote - Give all your cares to the Lord.


Prayer Quote - Prayers are so vey powerful!

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Prayer Quote - P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens!

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Prayer Quote - Prayer is the Key that unlocks all doors.

God does not move based on need, He moves based on Prayer!

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Prayer Quote - If you find yourself overwhelmed & irritated:

it's a sign that you're spending more time with the world & less time with Jesus.

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Prayer Quote - Prayer changes everything because it releases God's wisdom into your circumstances.

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Prayer Quote - Prayer is the Bridge between Panic and Peace.

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Prayer Quote - There is NO LIMIT to what God can do in your life!

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"...with God all things are possible." - Matthew 19:26 KJV 

Prayer Quote - Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, faith looks up.


Prayer Quote - God's Power is Greater than your past.

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Prayer Quote - God is making a way for you!

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Prayer Quote - Pray more, Worry less!

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Prayer Quote - Exercise daily.  Walk with the Lord!

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