Testimonies - Changed Lives:

Changed Prayer Life!

Dear Dr. Jerry,

I know my prayer life will never be the same after going through the "7 Keys for Christian Success" You have an awesome system to help people achieve their goals & dreams! Listening to the Verses of Victory and Prayers has been very uplifting.

I think these prayers are Powerful Prayers because they are praying God's Word. God always keeps His word!

Thanks and God bless you,

Della B.

"The 7 Keys for Christian Success"

"Thank you sir, i can't stop thanking you for the 7 days e-mail course you had with me in 2006/2007. since then i have being praying positive prayer, reading my bible, attending church services, yielded my will to GOD'S will. And indeed GOD is faithful. You are my mentor and father in the LORD, you are a blessing to me and many people around the world. Sir, I have you in my program and prayer always. thank you."

John J.

Spiritual Growth

Dr. Jerry,

Many thanks for the 7 Keys for Christian Success.  They are very motivating. I am a child of God who was originally astray but since 2004 I made a u-turn and, therefore, I intend to get closer to God.  For this reason, I always welcome spiritual material because I know it's one way to help my spiritual growth.  I intend to give these keys to my colleagues so that they also benefit like I have done.

Keep doing God's work as you will be blessing more people.

Stay blessed and I look forward to more.


Listening has been a Blessing!

I would like to thank you for the Christian Inspiration that you have been blessed to make.  I first listened to "Verses of Victory for Happiness".  Last week I listened to the Blessings.  Listening has been a blessing in my life.  I  play them early AM - I wear my headset and listen also at night when I go to bed.  Once again, thank you!

God Bless you and your family,

Mary W.

San Diego, CA


A couple gets Financial Blessing!

Dr. Jerry,

We are so excited.  Our business has flourished.  I know it wasn't just listening to the Blessings, but we applied the Keys for Success, and worked very hard.  Praise the Lord for your ministry!  As God blesses us, we will try to bless you and your family more.

Jim & Kaye

Inspirational Prayers with Prayer Power!

Dr. Jerry

I listen to the Prayers with God's Favor and Blessings everyday. I'm still trying as hard as I can to get my business off the ground. I need to find one client mid size or larger. I'm trying everything I can do. Your Verses of Victory with the inspiration and encouragement is my only saving grace so I don't have a break down.



Praying God's Promises brings more Happiness!

Blessings to you,

I was in a BIG depression...  I now feel much happier from praying God's Promises everyday with your new system.  They are very uplifting.  Things have changed SO MUCH since I started praying to the Lord with these inspirational prayers.

Thank You,

Betty (Tampa, FLA)


Encouragement with Powerful Prayers!

I play your inspirational audios in the car and listened to the Positive Prayers for Christian Success a bit yesterday - and also on my way to work this morning.  My heart is already uplifted greatly.  I would like to share this with my friends.  God has blessed me, and I really feel it will help me as I move forward.

Thank You,

Diane F. (Pueblo, CO)


Trusting God for a Home!

Dr. Jerry,

Thank You!!  I have really enjoyed Praying God's Word with the Positive Prayers and God's Bible Promises for the last 21 Days.  I really love the background music too.  It is very peaceful.  I especially like track 6 on "receiving your Blessings."  We are trusting God for our own home now.  Praise the Lord!


Thanks Again,

Stephen (New York, New York)


Prayer Power brings the Power of Prayer!

Dear Dr. Jerry,

I was heavily "backslidden".  My life was totally on the wrong track.  I decided to make a dedication.  Instead of filling up my mind with "secular" music all the time, I began listen to the "Verses of Victory" with God's Bible Promises and biblical prayer.  This alone has radically changed my life.  I am so much closer to Jesus now.  These Bible Verses are very inspirational and motivational for me.  It is more of a "relationship" now.  I am FOREVER grateful for these inspirational verses!!


Thank You so much!

God Bless You,

Theresa M.  (Atlanta, GA)


Biblical Prayer with Prayer Power!

Thank God for discovering your website and your ministry. I have been blessed tremendously through this opportunity to learn thus far.  I am anxiously  waiting for more inspirational verses.  The 7 Keys with Verses on Christian Success have helped.  I appreciate the fact that your prayers and affirmations are backed by the bible.  I love the idea of Christian Prayers and Christian Affirmations.  I know Prayers and Affirmations work, but they are more powerful and easier to commit too when I know they line up with scripture.  There are so many new age type prayers and affirmations that I didn't want.

I thank you very sincerely for your service to mankind. God bless you and your Ministry.



Improved Health!


I wanted to share a testimony of much improved health.  I love watching your video with Verses of Victory for Health and Healing.  All of your free Prayer help and videos on the Positive Prayers website have really helped me.  Thank you for making them available.  Your Keys for Health and Healing are very easy and to the point.  I feel much better!  Thanks also for what you are doing to spread the Good News!

God Bless you and your wife!

Betty M.  (Dallas Texas)