15 Keys to Successful Fasting

1-7  above Spells P-R-A-Y-E-R-S

About Fasting:

The first 3 Days are the hardest for most people. If you fast correctly, around the 4th day, you will step into another world! Hunger will likely disappear or be greatly reduced. Your sense of smell will magnify. Your spiritual "ears" will hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit louder than you have ever imagined. God will begin to reveal things to you. Your body will begin a serious cleanse, and begin to destroy all of your bad cells. Excess weight will fall off! You will begin to look and feel younger! With Prayer and Fasting, people have been cured of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more! The ministry of Jesus began after a successful 40 day fast! There are MILLIONS of testimonies for the benefits of fasting!

Water Fasting or Juice Fasting?

Most people recommend a Juice Fast. In today's world there are so many more toxins than there were in the days of Jesus. Most people's bodies are filled with these toxins, and juices and smoothies help the body to eliminate toxins and sustain your energy.

For Juice Fasting, try to use the most RAW fruits and vegetables that you can. They are filled with nutrition and live enzymes that will help to cleanse your body of any bad cells. Many people have testimonies of being healed through juice fasting.

TIPS FOR JUICE FASTING: The 2 most important tools for an easier juice fast is a high powered blender, and a kitchen scale. These will make your juice and smoothie preparation MUCH EASIER! For a blender, we recommend the Vitamix or Blentec if you can. These powerful blenders make all the difference. It makes it much easier, and opens up a lot more recipes that require less work. A kitchen scale is also awesome to have. Instead of measuring cups all over, you simply put the blender on the scale, and measure the item weight you need into your blender. So much simpler!

If possible count your calories for your juice fast. You rarely want to go over 50% of the calories you need for the day. There are a lot of good recipes on the internet for juicing, green smoothies, and other healthy smoothies.