God only gives 3 answers to prayer:

1) Yes! - When God says YES, answered Prayers and MIRACLES happen!

2) Not Yet.

  • Wait for God’s perfect timing. Have Patience!

  • “God’s delays are not necessarily God’s denials”

  • Maybe our Prayers need to change or we need to change.

  • Do we have Forgiveness? Unselfishness? Repentance? Faith? (Prov 15:29)

  • Not yet – if the prayer is against the Bible - then it needs to change.

  • Not yet – if the prayer could hurt someone else - then it needs to change.

3) I Have Something Better in Mind.

  • God might surprise you with the way He wants to bless you.

  • We might need to say no to the good, to say yes to God's best.

“Trust in Him at ALL times (Psalm 62:8)”